Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ghost's in-built newsletter feature available when self-hosting?


Once my site is setup on Digital Ocean, will I have to manage anything on the server?

No. Your Ghost site will run fine (for years) without intervention.

If you want to update Ghost in the future, it's easy with a Ghost update.

Gloat offers Ghost maintenance package if you want to added daily backups and more frequent Ghost updates.

After an installation are there any costs other than the $5/month for hosting?

If you set up members or send email newsletters, you will need to pay for emails via Mailgun, which cost $0.80 per 1,000 emails (after a three month free trial).

Other than that, there are just Stripe processing fees for any payments and your yearly cost for your domain.

Does the free migration cover moving from Wordpress to Ghost?

Yes! You will need to first use the Ghost plugin to get a Ghost-friendly export file. I can then import the content for you.

Is the Substation theme include in the installation package?

Substation is a separate product and can be bought here.

Installing Substation (or any other theme) is included in the installation package.

Is Cove included with the one-time setup pricing or would that be an add-on cost?

Installing Cove is included in the installation packages but billing for Cove is handled separately (see pricing).

Do I need to transfer all my domains names to DigitalOcean as well?

No. During the installation, you just need to create a new A record and point it to your DigitalOcean server's IP address. Super simple.

If I buy a theme beforehand, could you help me install it?

Yep! Adding themes is part of the Ghost installation packages.

I want to tell more people about Gloat. Do you have an affiliate/referral programme?

Yes! You can earn 15% from referrals. More details here.